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“ Yoga by zoom? How could this be as satisfying as a studio class? Good teaching, with all the cues, corrections, and congrats I receive in the studio - and time to chat with friends before class begins. Logistics are smooth, and I love being able to practice and get back to my family. “

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Heather B.


“ I love practicing my yoga with PLC through Zoom! I'm able to keep up my practice with Nicole and the other great teachers in the comfort and safety of my own home. Zoom classes have broadened my ability to take classes throughout the day, which has been very helpful in not only my physical but also my emotional wellbeing. Connecting virtually with others through the app makes me feel supported and part of a community. I'm grateful for the technology that allows me to come to my mat at a time when I really could use it. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Amy K.

“ I am so thankful for Pink Lotus and the new and much needed Zoom classes. In these times of uncertainty, it has been a much needed respite to be able to practice among friends. When I close my eyes and go deep, I forget that I'm at home alone and feel a sense of connection that is hard to come by these days. Thanks Nicole for creating this space for us. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Mary H.

“ As an extrovert who has been attending yoga classes for a few years, at first I honestly ignored the "zoom" invites for Pink Lotus' virtual classes. Flash forward a few weeks and I haven't attended so many yoga classes, nor have I seen so much improvement in my practice ever before!

The virtual classes at Pink Lotus are next level experiences, each unique in the style, technique, and personality of each class. The session always includes another experienced teacher who is a demo body pinned as the constant visual for you to watch and follow along with. Meanwhile, the teacher is able to sit in front of the screen to not only communicate and guide you clearly, but watch you! I've never received so many helpful pointers and comments throughout a practice and can already notice a significant improvement in my practice.

Another bonus is I don't have to worry about a crowded room of other students. The teachers at Pink Lotus always give multiple options including easier and more advanced postures, so I can truly make the practice my own without worrying about anyone else but my own experience. For the first time I feel comfortable practicing outside of my comfort zone by either trying something challenging or resting when I really need to.

As someone who even during quarantine remains busy working at the hospital in addition to other responsibilities, the ability to roll out my mat at home has allowed me to attend many more classes throughout the week than I normally would be able to. Pink Lotus is offering affordable packages that are allowing me to do this, and I am so grateful because it has kept my quarantine experience so much more positive and healthy. Be prepared to laugh, smile, yet also find peace and stillness during each class. What an amazing family to be so closely connected to even while socially distant! ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Kacie B.

“ Loving the online Zoom classes with Pink Lotus! Nicole has done a wonderful job making access to class very easy – especially for someone who has zero experience with Zoom or any other online meeting app. The instructors are easy to hear and I have experienced little to no fall off in audio, so there is no break in the flow. Classes start and end on time, minimizing any scheduling conflicts with other obligations I may have before or after class (a major plus!)

Being a "live" class personally helps keep me honest with my practice. If classes were pre-recorded, I can GUARANTEE I'd take unnecessary breaks and minimize the benefits of the full class (one reason I have been unsuccessful with home work outs in the past.) The positive vibe from all of the instructors is a major plus as well.

Pink Lotus online classes have proven to be better than I could have expected, and I feel lucky to be able to take part in such a wonderful and caring practice. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Robert S.

“ First let me say that my yoga practice is very important to me, both for my physical as well as my mental and spiritual well-being. My yoga practice at Pink Lotus fulfills this for me in a big way. And when the pandemic hit our state I was really worried that I wouldn't get that anymore. Sure I have a home practice but it's just not the same for me. I need my yoga community!

So when Pink Lotus started the Zoom live practices I was so happy and grateful. I can see and hear my yoga teachers and fellow yogis. Maybe it's not the same as being there in person, but we can't do that right now. But it's special, very special for me.

I know that without this live interaction to keep me going, things would be much harder during this crazy, difficult time. So thank you Pink Lotus! Thanks Nicole! ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

❤️ Kathleen S.

“ Nicole Zimmer has done it again -- she's channeled Pink Lotus' special yoga magic into Zoom classes that bring a true sense of kula into your home. During these unsettled times, I need yoga more than ever, and knowing I can join a Zoom class has helped me maintain my sense of balance and connectedness. I love seeing the familiar faces and hearing the voices of my yoga friends and Pink Lotus' amazing teachers as we share this new virtual space. My practice has deepened in unexpected ways, and I have found peace in the midst of chaos. While I am looking forward to being able to gather back in the studio (especially for the hugs and lavendar cloths), I am so grateful to have the option of attending Zoom classes to find both my inner calm and sense of belonging to something much larger than myself. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Christie E.

“ I am so thankful Pink Lotus has incorporated zoom classes to all that their amazing studio has to offer. Having the availability of a live class to practice at home as been so comforting through these times of uncharted waters. Knowing yoga is there, friendly faces will be on the screen and the safety of your mat to get into your body has been so comforting. The Pink Lotus class schedule is something that is known and consistent during a time when in many other areas of life that has been lost and looks much different. How promising and healing to have yoga, it looks the same and feels the same.

Having a schedule, commitment and seeing fellow yogis feels so good too. It's such a sense of community and togetherness.

Since having our son 8 months ago getting into the studio hasn't always been the easiest for me. Now I'm able to have the studio in my home. It allows me to practice then get back to my home life as soon as class is over. It take no additional time to account for travel. I have had on line classes to stream at home in the past but having live zoom classes is so much better. It allows me to truly be present and intentional with the time I practice. I cannot "Just stop that video". It feels better in my body having accomplished, well trained teachers correcting my form, giving modifications and adjustments as well. It's been so fun to practice with people from all over the country now being able to join in for classes.

I'm always thankful for the incredible community of Pink Lotus. However, during this time that has deepened even more. Nothing is better than familiarity, camaraderie and the feeling of such peace at this time.

Thank you! ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Kristin H.

“ I have taught Yoga since 1998, old school. Never imagined I would Zoom into homes and lead people in yoga practice...and like it! I am and I do! Seeing people in practice and being seen as I do it has been a gift. A new way to be in the edge as a teacher and a practitioner. It has brought unexpected joy, I am grateful. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Kelly Branning 200 Hr Yoga Alliance, YACEP, Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher

“ Zoom yoga? Two months ago, I could not have even adequately described the concept of Zoom. Now I cannot imagine my life without it! Of course, nothing can compare to an in studio class, but Pink Lotus Zoom classes have become the closest thing to meaningful human interaction. I both teach and take these PL Zoom classes and regardless of which end I'm on, they are the highlight of my day. We get to chat for a bit before and after each class and I won't lie...I've enjoyed garnering a sneak peak into the homes my fellow yogis. I get snippets of their significant others and kids and often a welcomed heavy dose of their highly entertaining fur babies. Once class starts, it's honestly almost like being in the's fun to hear the teacher reference variations other yogis may be taking, if a pet is demanding attention, encouragement to take a pose where I didn't think it could go, etc. Even though I still crave returning to the studio, PL Zoom has been a lifeline. Furthermore, I think it just may have a place post-sequestration as it facilitates getting in a yoga sesh when short on time, if traffic is prohibitive, when childcare is an issue or when just leaving the house seems like too much effort! Kudos to Nicole for getting this invaluable service up and running so quickly after stay-in-place mandates were put into effect. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Kimi B.

“ Thank you, Nicole and teachers, for bringing the joy of Pink Lotus to me through Zoom! Pink Lotus yoga is such an important part of my life, and I am thrilled to be participating this way. The wonderful staff at Pink Lotus has made these classes work beautifully. Teachers smile upon seeing us, greet us each by name, and give individual feedback, just like in class. I also get to see my yogi friends whenever I sign in. You are making my new work-from-home routine so much more pleasant! I don't know what I would do without you! ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Namaste, Shirley Vickery

“ Ever think you'd be in a yoga class spanning across multiple states? I never did and yet I've now been given that opportunity. I finally found an outlet for some of my anxiety while we stay at home by being able to practice yoga with live teachers from my own house. Though the camera the instructors are able to offer guidance and I can see others in the class so I feel like I'm there. What an amazing experience and I can't wait for the next class. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Sandy O.

“ I've been with Pink for 5 years. I usually prefer a studio setting over recorded online platforms, however I have been pleasantly surprised with the use of Zoom during the pandemic. The live interaction helps keep me more engaged while providing the accountability, support, and encouragement typical of a studio class. Other perks include not dealing with traffic and hitting the bed sooner after yin! ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Megan M.

“ I love Zooming w/ Pink!! I hope you continue to offer even after social distancing is over... for those of us who live further away 🙂 ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Kelli B.

“ Just thanking you for Zoom yoga. This might be about the only thing keeping me halfway sane right now! Namaste 🙏🏻 ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Irene M.

“ The Pink Lotus Yoga Center has become a mainstay in both my physical and mental well being. Unfortunately, like so many things in life these days, this has been interrupted by the COVID-19 virus.

The yoga instructors at Pink Lotus thereby became very creative, at first with YouTube videos, and now with actual ZOOM classes.

The ZOOM classes have been wonderful! It enables us to interact with one another and not feel so "alone" in our practice. The instructors are able to observe us individually and offer verbal "assists" to improve our asana's. It is almost like having one on one instruction. The meditations and encouragement with the practices have been excellent, as well.

I invite you to join us in our efforts to maintain a peaceful, harmonious existence in this complex time.

Namaste ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Yorkanne Sylvester

“ I am so grateful that my home yoga studio, Pink Lotus Yoga Center, has stepped up to the plate and taken the studio on line. I was away far too long due to an injury and was really worried about getting back to my practice and former stamina during the virus lockdown. I am not great with technology and have never done a Zoom meeting but I did it because I NEEDED YOGA! It is not hard and is actually fun. It has encouraged me to get back to my practice, I am doing at least 4 classes a week. Y'all it is easy and it is community and friendship in this weird time. If you haven't signed up for the LSD class, Long, Slow and Deep Yin and Yoga Nidra, you are missing out! You can do it in your PJ's and you don't have to drive home yoga drunk! Love my Kula! ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Margie B.

“ Shout out to my home studio, Pink Lotus Yoga in Lexington SC! I moved to Asheville NC two years ago and have sporadically practiced yoga in several studios. When it became unsafe to practice in a live location, I was so excited to see some of my favorite teachers at Pink putting up videos of themselves practicing at home. I was able to see my friends and get a needed yoga moment. When Pink Lotus began offering live online classes via Zoom, I bought a pass and began to practice with my home studio. It is fun, challenging, welcoming and although I can't hug my teachers, I get the benefit of connecting with a place that knows my name and makes me feel special. I miss the community at Pink and if you are looking for a welcoming place to roll out your mat, do it here....I'll see you there! ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Dene DuPre

“ I am thankful that Pink Lotus found a way to deliver its special brand of yoga during this uniquely challenging time. It's not the same as being in the studio (can't wait to get back in there!), but it is definitely the next best thing. We get the same awesome instructors, each with their own special style. Without it these classes, teachers and other students, I'm not sure I could make it through this mess! I love my Kula. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Julia R.

“ Being an essential worker in the natural gas/construction industry during this pandemic is something I am grateful for each day. Along with the normal stress of day to day work comes the additional stress of being on a leadership team, being a part time day care for my grandchildren, and doing all the extra Covid things (sanitizing, disinfecting, cooking 3X day etc) . Couple that with the anxious feelings we all are having right now, and it takes a toll. Being able to take Zoom classes with the amazing staff at Pink Lotus has not only saved my sanity and health, but provided an intentional peace that transcends to a sense of wellbeing that allows me to bring comforting balance into this new weird daily life. No matter your path in life right now, Zooming with Pink will impact you in so many positive ways. Thank you guys so much for being available and being such a valuable "peace partner" so many during these challenging times. See you on the mat! ❤ ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Judi M.

“ My thoughts and experience using Zoom (during this pandemic) as a modality for yoga classes.

I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years and although I have my "home practice" there is something magical when many yogis gather at a yoga studio to practice their yoga collectively. The yoga teacher no doubt sets the tone and energy in the room and each yogi brings their energy as well. It is the juxtaposition of this energy (the teacher and the students) that creates this contrasting energy and yet there is harmony among everyone. A blending of all this harmonious energy that sustains us and gives us vitality during our collective yoga practice. Reminds me of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. You can't have one without the other. They are opposites energies and yet they compliment each other.

I say all this because suddenly I found myself using the Zoom app to take yoga classes during this COVID-19 pandemic. I was hesitant at first and really wanted no part of this new modality for practicing yoga. After some convincing from Nicole Zimmer, the owner of Pink Lotus Yoga Center I signed up for my 1st virtual yoga class on Zoom. Nicole was an instant natural being behind the camera and welcoming all the students as they signed into their 1st virtual yoga class as well. Her instructions were no different had I been in the yoga studio and I know this is not small feat. We were all able to connect virtually and still share our energy collectively in an individualized manner. Nicole does an outstanding job of narrating the yoga class, speaking to every student, letting them know that she sees them. With this acknowledgement she connects with the whole class and at the same time keeps the students all connected to each other. Through her narration the students can see in their mind's eye the other yogis and we become one. I never thought of how much energy and connectiveness can be shared online. Zoom lends itself very nicely to this activity. The spoken word in this modality takes on more significance because we are no longer physically close to one another in the same space. The intimate space is created with the narration, joining us all together as one and this is where I think Nicole shines. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Denis P.

“ I TRULY LOVE this space Nicole has created! When we first met she had just opened her beautiful studio. I was really excited to see what yoga was all about and dive right in. One of the most wonderful attributes to Nicole is her passion for teaching yoga. Her drive and support really uplift the entire class. Not only did I fall in love with yoga, but I made some life long friends in the process. Nicole is so passionate about yoga it is infectious. What a good habit to always possess! Nicole will help guide, inspire and cultivate your own practice. Pink Lotus is a place for all yogis to get a great sweat, stretch the mind and the muscle.

Recently with shelter in place during the coronavirus I found myself wondering if I would be able to commit fully to my at home yoga practice....well, look no further Nicole saved the day by adding s classes, YAZZZ!!!! It has truly been amazing to practice once again together, YAYYY! It is a seamless process to join virtually with only a few clicks from your email to zoom, and hey you are right there in class again....esp. for me--because we moved to Oregon a while back. So this has just been wonderful to practice with Pink Lotus again! Wow I have really missed this space together! Thank you to Nicole and Pink Lotus community for always holding a special space in life's unexpected journey! ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Adrienne K.

“ As a student:

When I found Pink Lotus Yoga Center I found the community I was seeking. This community is so loving and nurturing and supportive. Nicole has created this really special space for us. So I was thrilled when I was able to take a Pink Lotus yoga class through zoom and see members of our community and be able to talk with them before and after class. It makes it really special. Plus the instructor can see me and give cues on form. This is so different than other classes I'm taking online right now which are all static and in which the instructor can't see me. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Marguerite O.