Pink Lotus Yoga Center


“ To me, the unlimited monthly membership at Pink Lotus Yoga Center is such a great deal! I usually take about 3-5 yoga classes a week there, but the membership is totally worth it even if you only take 1 class a week. If we lived in a perfect world, I would go to a yoga class in studio at Pink Lotus everyday if I could! But, we all have busy lives so, I love the variety of classes they have available in the mornings and evenings to accommodate my ever changing and busy schedule. I prefer to take in studio classes because there is something so special and magical about the collective vibe and energy in studio. But, there is also a zoom option if you can't make it in studio, so you can't lose! To me, yoga is vital to my mental and physical health. If you don't make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness and that is far more expensive!! “

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Lori K.

“ I have been a member of pink Lotus Yoga Center for multiple years. When I think of the Pink Lotus, I think of a peaceful oasis to which I can escape at any time. The practice of yoga, itself, is very calming, nurturing, and grounding. In addition, the center offers various forms of practice including restorative, yen, and yang classes. I recently attended a chakra cleansing which was very beneficial. fferings include intermittent Sound baths, nidras and workshops. The members there have a true affection and love for one another which is evident when you enter the space there. It is in a beautiful location at the Old Mill in Lexington. The room reaks of history and the decor is peaceful and pleasant. If you are thinking of beginning to take yoga or are already a participant, I would encourage you to come to the Pink Lotus to continue your activities. I think you will find a loving, warm kula there. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Yorkanne S.

“ I am so grateful for Pink Lotus Yoga Center! It has not only allowed me to build strength and flexibility it has also enhanced the quality of my life. The teachers who make up this yoga studio don't just give an hour of their time. They give you their expertise in how to move your body, harness your breath, and calm your mind. I have searched for years to find a practice that worked with my schedule and offers evening classes. In studio classes are always fun and engaging, and the studio has such a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. I love the fact that I can attend via Zoom when my schedule won't permit me to attend in person. I especially love the fact that with a monthly membership I have unlimited access and the cost per week is equivalent to what some studios charge for a single class. ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials


“ Yoga continues to be my "Lifeline". I started zooming classes at Pink Lotus Yoga Center at the start of the pandemic. Initially, I had been taking classes once a week but I was able to increase my participation three or four classes a week. The classes energize me, keep me centered, relax and restore my body. Once the studio re-opened for in-person classes, I continued to zoom for the convenience and ability to step away from whatever I am doing and participate in a class. I also choose from the library of recordings if I miss a class or want to try something different. Thank you Pink Lotus Yoga Center! ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Roxanne P.

“ Pink Lotus Yoga Center is a blessing to me! I found Pink Lotus almost 12 years ago and It has been my "sanity"over these years I have been practicing yoga there! It's my "me" time that helps me relax my brain along with relaxing my body! Doing yoga has made me calmer, it has made me stronger, it has helped me with my health, my balance and overall well being! The Kula (family) that is at Pink Lotus Yoga Center is amazing! The teachers are amazing! And there is such a great variety of classes! Whether it is in studio or on zoom it is always just what I need! I have always felt welcomed and loved! I am so thankful for Pink Lotus and my Kula there! ”

Pink Lotus Yoga Center Testimonials

Betty M.