Weekly Class Descriptions

First Timer's Series: (First Time Friendly) Feeling lost in yoga? Not sure if you are doing the postures properly? Wanting to learn more about alignment? This is the place for you? No yoga experience required; preregistration is required.

Beginner's: (Beginner Friendly) Stretching, postures, meditation, and breathing techniques are taught in a slow, beginner-friendly format.

Restorative: (Beginner Friendly) Restorative is a slower practice where you will hold the poses longer than usual and use a variety of props for support.

Slow Flow* & Sunrise: (Beginner Friendly) Somewhere between Gentle and Vinyasa, Slow Flow teaches mindfulness, and stillness while incorporating dynamic flows and restorative postures. * Prenatal Friendly*

Gentle Yoga: (Beginner Friendly) Enjoy gentle stretching and supported strengthening in this all-level class.

Gentle Yin: (Beginner Friendly) Gentle Yin is a nice, calm, stretchy practice to help you go inward while lengthening, elongating, and building flexibility.

Yin Yoga: (Beginner Friendly) Practitioners of yin are offered an opportunity to surrender, slow down and come back to balance. Holding the poses gently stretches dense connective tissue of the lower back, hips and spine.

Saturday Special: (All-Level) A mix of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin keeps this class surprising and challenging. Allow the practice to guide you deeper into your postures.

Swing Yoga: (All-Level) Swing Yoga stretches you out through swing-supported yoga postures. Space is limited as small classes allow for individualized attention.

Stretch & Strengthen: (All-Level) This class is an ideal cross-training class, but appropriate for all levels of students. The class has a three-part focus on balance, strengthening the core, and increasing range of motion.

Vinyasa: (All-Level) Vinyasa yoga is a smooth linking of breath with movement, intensified by mindfully holding postures.

Power Yoga: (All-Level) Discover your inner fire with breath work, balance, and energetic flow. Power helps you unwind from your week and start the weekend energized. Prepare to sweat as we move through the full range of postures, leaving you in a better place in your heart, mind, and body.

YinYasa: (All-Level) YinYasa is a challenging practice designed to meet you right where you are, and give you tools to create more balance on, and off, the mat. Starting with a few yin poses, opening the doors to the body, followed up with some yang flows to integrate this deep opening.

Little Lotus Offerings

Family Yoga: Giggle, wiggle, bond! This parent child class is designed for children and adult of all ages.

Little Kid Yoga: Your little will enjoy yoga lessons, games, crafts and more. Space is limited to 6 little yogis ages 3-7, so book ahead of time and enjoy a yoga break. A parent must be registered in Slow Flow for same day.

Big Kid Yoga: Big kids practice in the little room, while an adult gets some yoga time Saturday Special. Ages 8-12 will enjoy the benefits of discovering yoga at a young age.