• Apply Vinyasa to Life

    Vinyasa yoga teaches us to cultivate an awareness that links each action to the next-on the mat and in our lives. Applying vinyasa in your yoga practice and daily life has many parallels to sailing a boat. Like sailing, moving through life demands a synchronization with natural forces that requires skill and intuition, the ability to set a course yet change with the wind and currents. If you want to sail, you have to know how to assess the conditions of the weather-blustery, calm, choppy-which constantly fluctuate, as do our physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

    Nicole with her son
    Beauty Exposed

    The teachings of yoga include a view called parinamavada, the idea that constant change is an inherent part of life. Therefore, to proceed skillfully with any action, we must first assess where we are starting from today; we cannot assume we are quite the same person we were yesterday. We are all prone to ignoring the changing conditions of our body-mind; we often distort the reality of who we are based on who we think that we should be. This can show up on the yoga mat in any number of inappropriate choices: engaging in a heating, rigorous practice when we're agitated or fatigued; doing a restorative practice when we're stagnant; going to an advanced yoga class when a beginning class better suits our experience and skills. In order to avoid such unbeneficial actions, we need to start out with an accurate assessment of our current state.
    -From Yoga Journal

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    To purchase Gift Cards please call (803) 931-2074 or stop by 15 minutes before or after a class.

    Thank you!

    Beauty Exposed


    Eating/Drinking: It is best to let meals or snacks digest before coming to class. After a meal, give yourself 2 hours before practicing yoga. After a snack, give yourself 1 hour. You may drink water during class as needed, but you may feel more comfortable if you hydrate prior to class.


    What to wear: Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that are not too loose. Choose appropriately based on how your clothing may respond to things like sweat, twisting, lying down, or bending forward.


    Bring: A yoga mat, towel, and water. We will have mat rentals if needed and other necessary yoga props for your convenience. Avoid: Wearing strong scents such as perfumes, deodorants, essential oils, or cologne. Please ensure that your mat, clothes, and body are odor-free to help maintain the purity of the practice space.


    Get there early: If it is your first time, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out any necessary forms, get changed if needed, and settle in.

    Once You Arrive


    Footwear: Take off your shoes and socks before you walk into the practice space and place them in the designated changing or shoe-storage area.


    Electronic devices: Please turn your cell phone off, or, better yet, do not take it into the practice space with you. If you do need to keep your cell phone with you and turned on during class (i.e. if you are a physician on call or a pilot on standby), then please set it to vibrate. If you’ve brought your cell phone in with you and it accidentally rings aloud during class, please turn it off as soon as you safely can.


    Communicate: If you have any injuries, limitations, or concerns, please notify your instructor before class begins so they can help you stay safe.


    Enter the room: When you enter the room, please respect the sacredness of the space by entering quietly. Try to keep noise to a minimum when setting up your mat and collecting your props (i.e. block, blanket, strap), and be sensitive to whether conversations with others may disturb those around you. Also, please make sure that you have (quietly) closed the door behind you in order to maintain the temperature of the practice space and to reduce any noise from outside.


    Positioning your mat: Orient your mat so you will be facing the teacher. If you are new to yoga and are trying out a class that may have some more experienced students in it, then you might consider placing your mat in a row behind the front so you can follow along more easily. Place your props and your water bottle nearby your mat to keep them handy, but make sure they are not in your way.

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    Making space for others: If a fellow student arrives and there is not an immediate space available for their mat, please extend the yoga love by adjusting your mat in order to create space for them.


    Other people's mats: For many people, their mat is a safe, sacred space. Please respect this by not stepping on others' mats, if at all possible.

    During Class


    Take Child's pose at any time: If at any point you feel that you need a rest, then please take Child's pose. You can return to Child's pose at any time-even if the teacher does not specifically cue it-and then rejoin the class when you are ready.


    If you feel that you need to leave the room: It is not uncommon to experience dizziness, fatigue, or discomfort during your first yoga classes, especially if you are practicing in a warm room. If you must leave the room, then please choose a point in the class that is resting (i.e. Child's pose or Down Dog) to excuse yourself, and leave and return quietly.


    Communicate: Let your teacher know if you are confused, are having trouble with something, or are experiencing any pain. Your teacher is here to serve you but cannot help if s/he does not know there's an issue. A quick mention to the teacher or asking for help can be the difference between having a horrible time and being comfortable enough to focus on your practice and other students may benefit from your question!


    Follow your teacher's cues: Unless you are taking Child's Pose in order to rest or center yourself before rejoining the class, then please follow your teacher's cues rather than following your own sequence. If there is a pose that you feel you cannot or should not do, then please let your teacher know and s/he can provide a modification or an alternative.


    If you are late: Being on time is of course optimal, however if you arrive more than ten minutes after class has started, then it's best to come back for another class; the first ten minutes provide centering and warming up, and joining in a class without having had this can risk injury and can also be distracting for fellow students. If you've arrived within the first ten minutes of class, then, if it's OK with the teacher, please enter the studio and gather your props quietly, and choose a space for your mat that is close to the entrance so as not to distract other students. If possible, join the sequence as your teacher cues it. If there are some warm-up postures you need before you can join in the sequence, then quietly take these and join the sequence as soon as you can.

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    Savasana: Savasana, or Corpse pose, is the last pose we do in class, and consists of lying down on our mats with our bodies relaxed and our eyes closed so that we may absorb the benefits of our yoga practice. This is a very important part of yoga class, so please give yourself a full Savasana! Your teacher will let you know when it's time to come out of the pose.


    Leaving class early: Please plan to stay for the entire class. If this is not possible, then please let your teacher know before class starts, and take a short Savasana before you depart. When you leave, be mindful of your fellow students by being quiet as you collect your items, return your props, and depart the room.

    After Class


    Clean your immediate area: If you borrowed a mat from the studio, wipe it down if needed and return it. If there is moisture on the floor around your mat-either from your perspiration or your water bottle-wipe it up with your towel. If you used props, put them back.


    Communicate: Speak with your teacher after class if you have any questions or concerns about your yoga practice.


    Make sure you take your own belongings: Double-check that those are your shoes! This goes for anything else you leave out during class, like sweatshirts, jackets, or water bottles.


    Hold any loud conversations away from the studio: Please remember to keep your voices low when you are nearby the practice space, even if you are outside of it. It's great to feel invigorated after class, but your voice can travel far in the tranquil environment of the studio, so please be mindful of others.

    Congratulations on starting a yoga practice! We are so happy to have you as a member of our PLYC yoga family (kula)!



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    Yoga Studio

    Welcome to Pink Lotus Yoga Center. We hope you feel at home here.

    We are all more similar than we are different. We are all doing the best we can. We could all use a safe, non-competitive, non-judgmental, healing, and loving zone to come to whenever we need. It is important to us that Pink Lotus Yoga Center is a safe place that meets you where you are, as you are.

    You are welcome into this safe place by those journeying alongside you. Pink Lotus is the place you can work through your "stuff" and maybe walk away feeling a little better - a place you can learn more about your Self, heal, or just burn off some steam. Sounds magical doesn't it? It is. We are. And so are you.

    Text your question to (803) 931-2074 or give us a call. Namaste.

  • THE BEST TEACHERS - Photo credit to Carl Kerridge

  • Little Lotus


    711 East Main St., Suite J-1
    Lexington, SC 29072

    Text your question to (803) 931-2074 or give us a call.
    Pink Lotus Yoga Center

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  • Helpful Hints

    Click to open the New Student Intake Form. Please bring this completed form with you to your first class. You can also fill out this form at the studio.

    What to wear? It's best to wear clothing that is non-restrictive. Generally, any workout clothing is appropriate. Just make sure your clothes won't fall up over your head (constant struggling with clothing can be an annoyance to you).

    Eat lightly, or not at all before class. Generally, yoga asana is best practiced on an empty stomach. This way your yoga practice does not interfere with digestion.

    No food or beverages in the asana studio. If necessary, bottled water is okay, but it is recommended to avoid constant sipping. We aim to generate internal heat; constant sipping cools the body. After practice, drink plenty of pure water.

    Arrive a few minutes early. Entering class constantly late is very disruptive and disrespectful to others, and also to your nervous system. If you do arrive a few minutes late, take a breath, unravel your mat outside, and then enter as slowly and quietly as you can. Consider being prompt as a part of your practice.

    If you have a heart condition or other serious ailment, please let your instructor know BEFORE class begins.

    Acquire and use your own yoga mat. Using the public rental mats is not as hygienic.

    Let go of Competition! Yoga is absolutely not a sport. It is not just a "work out", it is a spiritual practice which makes the body stronger, more flexible, and generally much healthier. But the aim of the practice lies in relaxing the mind and opening the heart, to create spiritual evolution. Let's evolve together! Give yourself this opportunity to just be, just as you are, right now! Perfect! Wow!

    Keep your eyes on your own practice. Yoga is a very personal practice, achieved through internal focus. Please use this time as an opportunity to explore within, and let go of comparisons. When you can finish your practice without knowing what the person next to you was wearing or even who else was in the room, you'll know you were truly focused.

    Have Fun! This is absolutely, positively our most mandatory rule! :)

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    Drop-In $13
    New Student Week Unlimited $25
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    Unlimited Year $1000

    Swing Yoga
    Drop-in $15
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    Little Lotus
    Wear Your Baby $10 per Adult
    Family Yoga $10 per Adult & $5 per Kid
    Tween & Me $10 per Adult & $10 per Child

    Private Yoga
    Mat Yoga $95 (60 minutes)
    Swing Yoga $195 (75 minutes)
    Prenatal Coaching $50 (45 minutes)
    * Call for group rates, and bundles (803) 931-2074 *

    Special Classes
    Special Classes are classes not offered on a regular basis. These classes focus on specific aspects, or types of yoga. Prices vary, and will be listed on the promo, and in our app. Special Classes are not covered with class passes unless noted.

    Click here to make a Private/Small Group Yoga Request

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  • Recovering With Yoga



    PLYC offers many yoga styles, most of which are traditions of Hatha Yoga. They all increase flexibility, enhance strength, boost stamina, and increase awareness of our bodies and ourselves as we release muscle tension, create a sense of calm and peace, and feel rejuvenated. We recommend that you sample a variety of approaches and teachers. Mix a softer, more inner-directed style (Gentle Yoga, Relax & Restore) with one that's moderate or vigorous (Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Intermediate Vinyasa) Or, try a specialty class like our Aerial Swing yoga. If you're not sure which class to take, you've got options! Call us for a personalized recommendation. (803) 931-2074

    In your yoga experience, you may come across some words that are unfamiliar and even intimidating. PLYC is delighted to decode some of these terms for you so that you can feel comfortable reading them, hearing them - and maybe even using them yourself!

    Yoga is a philosophy advocating and prescribing a course of physical and mental disciplines for attaining liberation from the material world. The word "yoga" has many meanings, including "to yoke" and "to unite." It can be considered to be a series of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation practiced to achieve control of the body and mind.

    Sanskrit is a historical Indo-Aryan language used in yoga. Yoga teachers sometimes interchange Sanskrit and English words, particularly when describing yoga poses. For instance: Vrksasana is the Sanskrit word for Tree Pose. Mantra is a sound, syllable, word or group of words that are considered capable of "creating transformation". "Om" is considered a mantra.

    Meditation relaxes the body and mind, increases energy, and expands consciousness. Profound physiological and psychological changes take place when we meditate, causing an actual shift in the brain and involuntary processes of the body. Scientists have proven what the ancients knew by experience: that meditation strengthens the immune system, increases heart health, reduces stress, and slows biological aging.

    Asana is a Sanskrit word that means "posture." Asanas are the physical yoga poses. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word for "rhythmic control of breath." Pranayama are breathing exercises that are often incorporated into yoga classes.

    PLYC is delighted to offer special corporate packages and consultations, as well as private instruction. For more information, contact us at (803) 931-2074 or email us about our corporate packages and consultations. Nicole

  • 108 in 2014

    108 Challenge

    Sign-up Feedback

  • 108 Feedback

    "A resounding YES to sharing my experience. I am 54 and started to 'dabble' with my yoga practice about a year and a half ago, knowing this would be a long journey. I Learned basics slowly (5 children as well as genetic obstacles have let me work on my goals lately :) and promised myself I would transition to PLY in 2014. Mental clarity and the release of pressure in my chest are obvious, after just two weeks. So far I am attending classes led by Marsha, Channing, Deb and Nicole. These women will save my life. Amen"

    "I enjoy having a goal to shoot for this year!"

    "One of the best things about the challenge is that it encourages yogis to seek out and experience the various teaching styles, preferences, and cues from a wonderfully diverse group of teachers. Each one has special gifts, and what I learn in one class inevitably helps me in another. To a woman, they bring enthusiasm, encouragement, and empathy to their instruction. Put another way, they RAWK!"

    "I love Channing's Friday Warm Flow/Detox class. I sleep like a baby after this one. And Sierra's animal poses class was a lot of fun."

    "I can feel a deepening of my practice, I feel more grounded and calm throughout the rest of my day. The challenge is great because it reminds me to make time for me and time for my mat!"

    "I feel I am improving with each practice inside out. All teacher are amazing and always ready to help you. Love Pink Lotus."

    "I began to increase my weekly practice prior to this program. It is difficult to attend several times a week and it is easy to find reasons to skip. This program is a great incentive to encourage me to improve my yoga practice. I do feel better when I attend classes frequently. I feel stronger, have more energy and a more positive attitude."

    "Setting this goal has made my yoga time sacred. In preparation for YTT training, attending different types of classes gives me broader experiences and exposure to different yogis practice, assists and strengths."


  • Calendar

    Yoga Calendar

  • A HUGE thank you

    A HUGE thank you going out to ALL of our yogis that gave and participated in September 29th's practice for Hope! We raised a ton of $ to help this beautiful family. Alma and Deb led a wonderful, loving and OMazing practice that was enjoyed by many of our kula members. Love, light and healing vibes went straight to Hope and her family and her husband says that Hope is doing great! They are hoping to be discharged soon!!! Om Namaste

    A note from Dave Parente:

    Thank you Nicole, you know, you were one of the first people that I called when Hope was diagnosed. It's a blessing and a bit of serendipity for Hope to have your help and guidance. She SO wants to get back to the mat!

    A note from Hope Parente:

    Love & light to you, my Nicole! Our brief sojourn at 14 carrot inspired me to no end! A true blessing to me & sign of renewed strength & healing. God bless you, all! Much love & all my steadfast devotion.

  • More Reviews from our beloved yogis and yoginis...

    "I enjoyed the swing class last night and will return. Being a newbie, the instructor (Nicole) and other yogis made me feel comfortable as evidenced by the assistance, encouragement, and praise that were willfully given to each other. Thanks to you all for making the class a wonderful experience." ~Mellisa Bunch

    "First yoga class ever - fabulous instructor was encouraging and inviting - will definitely be going again!"

    "Excellent experience with Pink Lotus. Nicole, the owner, is truly passionate about yoga. It is clear to see her love of the practice while she is teaching. Her teaching is easy to follow. She's very approachable and very responsive to questions. I am soo happy to have her studio in Lexington! "

    "I have been to different yoga classes. This studio by far is superior. The atmosphere is welcoming and the instructors are always helpful and gracious. There is no competition; no judgment. Just a place to do better, be better and feel better with others of like minds. "

    "I was literally welcomed with open arms when I went to Pink Lotus for a session of yoga swings. Nicole met me at the door and made me feel instantly a part of the Pink Lotus family. The experience on the swings was empowering. Nicole offered encouragement and praise, both of which made me want to try even harder. I really enjoyed my experience with this yoga center."

    "Loved the Vinyasa class! My 3 friends I brought had never done any yoga before and they felt comfortable and welcomed while I still felt challenged in my practice. Wonderful playful all level class."

    "I visited Pink Lotus for my first ever yoga class. Nicole was a great teacher; funny and informative. I also love the studio design. Definitely recommend!"

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  • Michaela Mitchell's Recommendations

    Why I Love Yoga at The Pink Lotus: 1) You have to accept your body as it is while pushing it to be more than it is. It's a subtle dance between acceptance and challenge, and because of this, you're encouraged to become more confident and humble simultaneously. I love that. I have a long way to go, but I'm thankful for where I've come from. Progress. 2) It's not just a physical thing, although the physical benefits are incredible. It's what you make it. I've grown spiritually and have found it to be mentally challenging & soothing. My mind is full 24/7, which leads to anxiety; but I've been given a way to tell my mind to CHILL. And it's not a quick fix -- I don't want to be misleading. It's a moment-by-moment, breath-by-breath sort of thing that I don't always grasp, but it has healed me tremendously in the past year. The spiritual aspect is one I know many people -- especially down here in the South -- are cautious about. All I've got to say is that my relationship with God is deeply personal; it's Him and me, period. I'm not perfect, so I am influenced by my physical world, but God and I have been through more than I've been through with anyone else, and I can't leave that kind of Love. I know what I feel. I welcome judgment, but I can't and won't let it wound me. I've already been there & done that with the church, and I've come to realize we're all the same -- we all struggle, fall short, need love, grace, peace and direction. I'll save the rest for another day. :) 3) I love the souls I've encountered. Just like in anything (church, work, extracurricular groups, etc.), there are a few bad apples, but I've met some of the best people at Pink Lotus. And listen, I've learned my lesson about people. They're imperfect. They hurt you unintentionally and sometimes, unfortunately, intentionally. They're messy, broken and HUMAN. With all that said, with a hint of caution and a lot of love, I'm grateful for good, genuine, real, imperfect souls who are walking the same path as I am. There's something special about being in a room full of people who are intentional about becoming better human beings. They're not putting on facades about being super holy; they're humble and real. I need that. I love that and them. 4) The patience. You HAVE to be patient in yoga at the end of the day, and I needed to learn how to be more patient. I still get frustrated with myself on the daily because I want to be perfect at all times, but that'll never freaking happen. If you're not patient, you're not focused; if you're not focused, you'll fall every single time. It's okay to fall because it's a humbling lesson in growing stronger. But I believe that if you're always falling, you're not grasping something important. For me, a big part of that is patience. 5) I'm still young and unsure of myself. I struggle. I'm hard on myself and not always confident. I find joy in putting others before me. But through yoga, I've learned that sometimes, it really is okay to be kind to my body, my overworked mind and my spirit, the deepest part of my being. Self-compassion isn't selfish; it's the only way I'll learn to love and serve those in my life better because when I find a way to love myself, I am able to give that love to the people around me, and I'm also able to recognize the people who need to be excused from my life. Health begets health. :) While that's a short list, it's been monumental to me. And it flows through me outside of the studio and off the mat. That's the real beauty of it ....

    Read More

  • Kimi Bensonhaver

    I met Nicole two years ago when she opened Pink Lotus Yoga Center (2011). I had done yoga for about 8 years, but always at a gym. Both Nicole and the studio truly transformed my world not just my yoga world, but my world in general. My experience at Pink Lotus was so inspiring that I was compelled to take the 200 hour yoga teacher training offered right there at her studio earlier this year. Nicole is a phenomenal yogi in both the literal and figurative senses. She inspires w/ her physical flexibility and strength, but more importantly, with her genuine nature. She is welcoming, accepting, and encouraging of all students no matter their experience, ability level, body type, etc. She embodies all elements of a true yogi and I'm beyond grateful that she brought Pink Lotus to Lexington, SC.

    Dene Davis DuPre

    No matter what your fitness level is, this is a comfortable place to land. It is a community, a discovering place and a safe place to put your mat down and lay it all out. Thank you, Nicole, for your belief in yourself and your willingness to share what you found with others.

    Frankie Kraemer

    Beautiful space. Lovely souls. Lots of laughs. And swings! Hellooooooo!!!

    Kat Wiseman

    one of the most positive, most supportive atmospheres i've ever experienced. the yogis here are some of the best people i know, and i'm so glad to have pink lotus yoga center as a part of my life!

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  • Courtney Griffin Freeman

    I really enjoyed my experience yesterday and will be bringing some friends back with me next time! Wonderful thing you have going, Nicole!

    Mendy Amick Miller

    Looooove it :)

    Kendra Gardner Jones

    BEST Yoga Studio -- hands down!

    Betty Jo Parker Mann

    you couldn't ask for a better yoga studio or a better bunch of teachers. A very caring, loving group of ladies! I appreciate them so much!

    Michaela Chewar

    Life changing!

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  • Paul L Padgett

    Nicole and Staff are awesome. Doing Yoga with Nicole and eating right has made it possible for me to lose 40 pounds since February 2012. Thanks Nicole.

    Leslie Anne Baker

    Nicole is absolutely amazing! Her classes are so very tranquil, refreshing, and charged with her passion for Yoga. I highly recommend any class offered at Pink Lotus, for ANYONE not matter what level. Nicole and her staff will go the extra mile to make sure that everyone is comfortable and in their practice, even if they've never had a practice :) **The Swing classes are unbelievable!!!

    Angie Jones Still

    Pink Lotus Yoga Center is a bright spot in a place where there are no other bright spots.

    Jennifer Red Bodiford

    PLYC is amazing! I'm a yoga addict now. The instructors are super helpful and very patient! They often tailor the practice to your needs. I've seen HUGE improvements in my sports involvement as a result! <3

    Heather Brady

    I love this place!!

    Read More

  • Noelle Almond

    Nicole has changed my life by opening Pink Lotus Yoga Center. I am able to do yoga again without a lot of nerve pain. This is a very special place with caring, personable, knowledgeable yoga teachers in a beautiful and peaceful studio. Much Love

    Amanda Nichols Belk

    Nicole & Pink Lotus Yoga have changed my life! Not only do I love swing yoga, but I know I can do anything, if I practice & keep patience with myself, like Nicole does with me! Thanks Nicole, for being everything you are- beautiful, fun, compassionate, kind & a GREAT teacher!

    Donna Muszynski

    The energy of this space is remarkable. If you're looking for a new yoga experience or even if you've never done a Sun Salutation, this is the place to go. While you're there, try a swing class -- you'll be thankful you did!

    April Prell Eckburg

    Pink lotus is amazing the old floors the history the lighting the smells the props and Nicole is by far the best most caring yoga teacher I have ever encountered. She makes your heart smile

    Lisa Barrett

    Oh my goodness! I have a new addiction. I ❤ swing yoga!

    Read More

  • Barbie Bailey-Rakes

    Best Yoga studio ever!!!!

    Jo Dennis

    Pink Lotus Yoga definitely changed my perception of yoga! Nicole & Alma are AMAZING!!! They have been so encouraging & uplifting!

    Caroline Brazell

    I'm at the beach for 10 days, and I'm soooooo missing my daily dose of Pink Lotus!

    Lexington Pet-sitter

    Thank you for coming to teach the teens at the Lexington Library. Our daughter loved it.

    Kimberly M. Roberts

    Beautiful, beautiful day. So glad I could be a part of your 2nd Anniversary Celebration. So thankful to the person who mentioned Pink Lotus to me 6 months ago. <3

    Read More

  • Blake Sterling Lett

    Had a great experience! The instructors were knowledgeable, kind and helpful. The facility was clean and welcoming. The class was challenging. I would definitely recommend it!

    Dene Davis DuPre

    No matter what your fitness level is, this is a comfortable place to land. It is a community, a discovering place and a safe place to put your mat down and lay it all out. Thank you, Nicole, for your belief in yourself and your willingness to share what you found with others.

    Lisa Peterson

    So glad I found Pink Lotus and my great yoga family. It's changed my attitude, my fitness level and my spiritual well being. Thanks to the great teachers, motivators and friends that I have made on this journey!!!

    Crystal L. Edwards

    First session of swing yoga tonight. I loved it! Everyone made me feel at home! I am new to yoga... other than trying it once with a book and epically failing, however I did things tonight that I never thought I could do. What a confidence boost. I recommend the Pink Lotus Yoga Center to anyone, no matter what body type or skill level. Thank you so much Nicole!

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  • Curvy yoga 6 week series with Alma start June 23rd with Alma Dunnavant, RYT and Curvy Yoga Certified

    Cury Yoga

    Now up and ready for sign ups is Alma's 6 week session of Curvy yoga! Starting June 23rd for 6 Sundays 4pm-5:15pm. The series is $60 and if you need to miss a class we will have a wait list ready for another to take your spot so that you don't lose $. Sign up cutoff date is June 21st.

    This class is limited to 12 participants for 6 weeks so save your spot today. We are super excited to offer this series as the workshop was a huge hit. Sign up for our first summer series!! Om

    Cury Yoga

    Where: Pink Lotus Yoga Center in Lexington
    When: Starting June 23rd 4pm-5:15pm
    How much: Only $60

    What will I learn during these 6 weeks?

    You will learn the yoga basics! We will discuss alignment, breathing exercises and meditation techniques. We will learn yoga flows that work for your body. We will break down the basic postures and we will have FUN!

    Beginners welcome!




    Kimberly M. Roberts

    Wednesday was my one month anniversary of joining the beautiful people at Pink Lotus Yoga in my journey of healing. I've gone from not being able to comfortably sit crisscross and being scared to try legs up the wall to celebrating today with my first head stand! One month and more than 20 classes later, I can't thank Nicole, Alma, and Deb enough for the love and encouragement they have shown me. Forever grateful.


    Barbie Bailey

    Best Yoga studio ever!!!!


    Alma Dunnavant

    We Love PLYC!!



    Any class I go to whoever the teacher is everyone has always been so supportive to me and helping. I have never felt self-conscience. That is clearly a kudos to you and your staff . Thank you. I know this is where I belong!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    Nancy Atkinson

    I loved the classes at Pink Lotus. That was the best Living Social deal I have ever purchased. I plan to become a regular at this studio now.


    Nancy Rizzo

    Very good beginner's yoga experience!


    Rebecca Anderson

    Love the aerial yoga!!


    Dene DuPre

    [I] will join this studio. Excellent instructors.


    Angie Jones Still

    Pink Lotus Yoga Center is a bright spot in a place where there are no other bright spots.


    Saraa Harwell

    [I] like it very much.


    Betty Mann

    The most AWESOME Yoga studio and the most AWESOME instructors! I have signed up every month since I used my Living Social Coupon!!!!!


    Angie Brown

    The Instructors are incredible, and I love the location is minutes away from my home.


    Gary Mangum

    Great place! Love it!


    Lisa Peterson

    Nicole Zimmer is a great person and incredible yoga teacher. I now go to her studio twice a week for yoga practice. All of her teachers are wonderful and the practice is fun and relaxed.


    Andrea White

    Can't wait to come to another class!!!!



    Classes must be signed up and paid for online in order to save your swing. Space is limited as to ensure small, personalized class size. Classes fill up quickly so sign up early for the class that fits your schedule. Class pricing is $20 per class or 5/$85.

    The Yoga Swing acts as a soft trapeze and support while you master simple inversions and progress to more advanced poses. The experience is challenging and fun, and will get you in shape while realigning your body with zero compression inversions. You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability before beginning the class.

    Anyone can do it! You do not need any prior experience in either yoga or aerial to come to class. Many moves and poses might be challenging - like any new and unfamiliar physical activity. Just like Yoga, you will feel your strength increase as well as your own body awareness and developing good postural habits.




    You will be exploring a new dimension! Laughing and letting go of the ground might give you a new perspective. Be open for anything and everything.



    Where else do you get a chance to fly without getting on a plane and paying sky high prices? Soar in class and lift your spirits, your heart rate and your perception of what your own body can do.



    Ever marveled at acts like Cirque De Soleil with performers dancing suspended in the sky creating beautiful shapes up in the air? They make it look easy but aerial swing yoga is anything but. An Aerial Swing Yoga class combines the strength training, discipline, control and grace in both Aerialand Yoga making you feel stronger, fitter and like you're always walking on cloud 9.



    Yoga poses with, on and assisted by the Aerial Yoga swing can give you a more intense stretch than traditional Yoga poses on their own. You're working with your own body and holding it up suspended in the air against the swing.



    Practice advanced inversions & backbends without neck or spinal compression. Develop upper body strength. Stretch deeper without experiencing strain in the lower back because the fabric supports part of your body weight. Increase your spatial intelligence by experiencing new & exciting ways to move through suspended space. Develop a strong core by trying new shapes & positions up in the air which cultivates deep inner core stability. Improve balance through use of the fabric. Be able to align your spine correctly in each pose with careful support of the fabric. Bring more oxygen to your brain by gentle inversions on the fabric. Reinforce proper body alignment in your daily life & throughout other fitness practices.

  • Who Should Stay Grounded?

    This course is open to all persons ages 17-100 and to people of all different backgrounds and fitness levels. We DO reserve the right to decline admission to those we feel are not physically or mentally ready for this course. There are some health complications and risks that you need to be aware of, so please give us your full health and fitness background/history so we may accurately assess your admission. Admission is based on a first come, first serve basis; you must make your deposit in FULL in order for us to hold your place in the class.

    We may do inversions in class and while being upside down can be quite beneficial, there are some who have conditions which make it dangerous for them to invert. If you have any of the below conditions, please consult your physician before participating in a swing class:
    - There is a 250 pound weight limit on the swings
    - High or low blood pressure
    - Glaucoma
    - Pregnancy
    - Neck Injuries
    - Heart Conditions of any kind
    - Epilepsy
    - Eye Problems
    - Other conditions - check with you doctor to make sure it's ok for you

    Cancellation Policy

    We understand that things happen where you cannot make class but in order to be fair to those on the wait list: Cancelations must be applied 24 hours prior to class or your pmt will be processed as if you were there. Please call 931-2074 in order to cancel.


  • Cancellation Policy

    EVENTS: Pre-payment in full is required at time of registration. Refunds for cancellations up to two weeks prior to date of workshop, minus processing fee of $30. PLYC credit only is given for cancellations at least seven (7) days prior to the workshop. Only credit is given less than seven (7) days of the workshop with a documented emergency occurred that resulted in the cancellation. No refunds or credit for cancellations without 48 hours notice prior to the day of the workshop. If PLYC cancels a workshop, a full credit or refund will be issued.

    Swing yoga: We understand that things happen where you cannot make class but in order to be fair to those on the wait list: Cancelations must be applied 24 hours prior to class or your pmt will be processed as if you were there. Please call 931-2074 in order to cancel.

    Workshop Cancellation Policies

    We understand that plans occasionally change, and unanticipated circumstances sometimes arise. Its is therefore necessary that we have consistent policies. We have endeavored to make these fair, and hope you will agree. Thank you for your support.

    In the event of a client initiated cancellation, the following rules will apply in ALL cases:
    1. A 100% refund of the purchase price of the workshop will be refunded to the client's PLYC ACCOUNT if the client provides at least 7 business days notice that they will be unable to attend the workshop.
    2. A 50% refund of the purchase price of the workshop will be refunded to the client's PLYC ACCOUNT if the client provides less than 7 business days but more then 1 business days notice that they will be unable to attend the workshop.
    3. Should the client provide less than 1 business days notice that they will be unable to attend the workshop, NO refund will be offered.
    4. If the workshop is a series (i.e. more than one day) and the client is unable to attend any or all of the weeks, (except as noted above) no refund for the week or weeks that are not attended will be offered.

    The Workshop Policy is to be applied to all situations without regard to the basis for cancellation; no deviation from this policy will be permitted. Credit via this policy to a client's PLYC ACCOUNT must be used to buy goods and/or services from PLYC and in NO circumstances may be cashed out. Pink Lotus Yoga Center reserves the right to cancel any program at any time. If this occurs, a full refund will be issued.

  • Sign Up

    Prenatal Yoga

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    Prenatal Yoga

    Pregnancy is the ultimate state of yoga, for yoga means union. This is a time for mamas to build their physical and mental strength while bonding with their child.

    We do prenatal yoga a bit differently at Pink Lotus. After going through two pregnancies, our prenatal expert Channing realized that most prenatal classes were geared towards going super slow and making modifications that were fear based. There was a lot of "don't do this". Through prenatal yoga and "Birthing from Within" training, it became clear that mamas don't need a laundry list of what not to do, rather mamas need to find the powerful connection to their own bodies. Prenatal yoga at Pink Lotus aims to empower mamas. Each pregnancy is unique, and one size does fit all, that being said, we do not offer a standard prenatal class. Weekly, we offer Slow Flow Saturdays at 8:30am. This is a great place to start. In Slow Flow you will learn the modifications you need for your pregnancy, giving you the tools to trust your body and attend almost any yoga class.

    Can't make it on Saturday, or need some extra support? Channing also offers prenatal coaching sessions for $50. She will work with you one-on-one so you feel confident to proceed with your prenatal yoga practice.