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COVID-19 Update


I wanted to take a minute and give you guys a quick update on Pink Lotus and our response to COVID-19. This has been a very hard time for Pink Lotus, as it has been for so many small businesses. I've been working with my teachers and business advisors and our main focus while considering reopening is to stay true to our mission, which is enhancing the wellbeing of our practitioners and teachers. Based on the information we have now, Pink Lotus will not be reopening until we are convinced the threat has subsided. Recent studies have shown COVID-19 can be transmitted easily in environments with poor air circulation via droplets, and the risk increases the longer the person stays in the same area. Knowing this, having us sit in a 150 year old room together for an hour of deep breathing is a risk I'm not willing to expose our yogis to.

We will continue to conduct fabulous classes over Zoom from our online studio and we greatly appreciate those that have been supporting us during these challenging times.

We want to keep making informed decisions on our response to COVID, and our class offerings, so I will be sending out a series of surveys to help determine YOUR needs. These responses will shape the future of Pink Lotus so if you could take a moment to help, we'd very much appreciate it.

I am beyond grateful for the continued support and love shown to us during this crisis by our kula. Thank you 🙏🏼

Until we can be together again- safely.... We will keep offering a fantastic at home experience.

Love & Light,


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We're making the space way bigger to safely accommodate more students. 🙏🏼

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We hope you feel at home here.

We are all more similar than we are different. We are all doing the best we can. We could all use a safe, non-competitive, non-judgmental, healing, and loving zone to come to whenever we need to. It is important to us that Pink Lotus Yoga Center is a safe place that meets you where you are, as you are.

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